How do I Increase My Google Page Rank?

Published: 01st February 2008
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Google has become the gold standard by which an Internet surfer searches for something on the world wide web. By entering in a few words into their search box, you instantaneously are shown thousands if not hundred of thousands of results for the words entered.

If you have ever wondered how they can return those results so quickly, the answer is very simply the Google algorithm. It is this algorithm in which Google uses to index every webpage on the Internet. This indexing then ranks the pages based on importance on a scale of 1 to 10, with one being the lowest and ten of course being the highest.

This importance is tracked by the number of of other web pages that link back to it. The algorithm goes into more depth than that, but basically that is how it works. Your goal to build up your website or blog should be to increase its rank. Increasing its rank will invariably display your information higher on the list during a Google search for keywords that your site includes.

Below are a few ways to assist in achieving that higher rank.

Exchange Links. You want to exchange links with other websites or blogs that have similar content as yours. You contact a site and ask if they would like to display your link information, and in exchange you will display theirs. We have done this on our site with over 3,500 different sites and it was worked wonderfully for us. We basically exchange with everybody, but that is because our site handles a variety of topics. Find sites to exchange links with and contact them. The more links you have, the better off you will.

One Way Links. Unlike a link exchange where two sites link to each other, a one way link is just what it sounds like. It is a link from a web site or blog that only links to you, however you are not required to link back to them. A good way to achieve this is to create them. There are a number of advertising websites out there that allow you to post an ad for free. Craigslist, AdPost and Indocquent are just a few Post your link information to them all. These are your one way links. One way links carry more weight in the Google algorithm them swapped links. However, combining the two will increase it that much more.

More One Way Links. Another great way to get one way links is to partake in online discussions. For instance we publish all kinds of articles related to a variety of topics on our website. A feature that we recently implemented was allowing readers to comment on the article. This is a great area to comment on the article and leave a link to your website or blog. The comment never expires and if what you write is well thought out and helpful to other readers, they may just click on it to visit what you are promoting.

Father Time. Time is your best friend and your enemy here. Although it has never been confirmed, rumor has it that the Google algorithm includes a system check in there for the length of time your web site or blog has been around. With good reason if you think about it. Thousands of website are created daily, many disappear after a month. It would be a strain on Google`s indexing system to constantly weed out these sites that never make it. Therefore, the longer a site has been around the favorably it is looked upon. So as you can see time is your friend if your site has been around awhile, and your enemy if it is fairly new.

So there you have it four different ways you can hel increase the Google page rank for your site or blog.

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Bruce A. Tucker is the Associate Director of, an online resource for individuals and businesses to post their products and services for sale in over 27,000 cities throughout 200 countries around the world.

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